Our Story

Let the words you choose be your reminder, start a conversation or inspire your life!

Fill your life with inspiration! Fill your world with positivity, creativity and fabulous gifts for yourself or those you love!

At Inspired Designs, we believe that words have the power to bring dreams to life.  Words connect us with each other and more deeply with ourselves.  Words motivate, inspire and remind us of what matters. Let words change your world!

Our mission is to inspire people to bring their dreams to life – through the power of words.

Our vision is to ignite a movement of positivity and love by creating high quality inspirational products for people to gift to themselves or others and support leaders of tomorrow (children around the world) with every purchase! Room To Read and The Food Bank are just two of the charities that Inspired Designs supports through every purchase made.

Our values are simple. We believe that gratitude and integrity are essential ingredients to life.  We believe in community and helping one another.  We believe in courage and having hope for a bright future. We believe in contribution and that everything matters.  You matter. We believe in you – and the difference you can make in the world!

All of our products are made to inspire thoughtfulness, create mindfulness, ignite fabulous conversation, pique curiosity or, to simply provide a little reminder of what’s important to you. 

  • The custom-embroidered napkins are made with love in Kelowna, BC, Canada.  You can choose from our growing list of themes or contact us to make a custom set designed just for you!
  • Our stainless steel engraved bracelets, in gold and silver color, are a perfect gift for yourself or a friend and fit any wrist size.  A gorgeous compliment to any outfit or occasion.
  • The silver inspirational rings are also engraved and make a lovely addition to your necklace or keychain.  With over 50 rings to choose from, inspiration and creativity abound!
  • We are always expanding our product line with new ideas and high quality items that will inspire you to bring your dreams to life through the power of words!

Inspired Designs is founded by Crystal Flaman, artisan entrepreneur.  Crystal has always found inspiration and motivation in surrounding herself with words through books, jewelry and art.  She’s also found inspiration in making a difference in the world.  Bringing her passion for words, creativity and philanthropy together, Inspired Designs is eager to serve you with custom-made items that fill your world with inspiration and love.

Please let us know how we can serve you. Browse our store for the perfect gift for yourself or a friend!  We are eager to share our passion for words and inspiration with you